Scout Motors Breaks Ground In Blythewood, South Carolina

Scout Motors Breaks Ground In Blythewood, South Carolina

Blythewood, South Carolina

The sun cascaded below the horizon, lingering for a moment as if to give one final look at the stage that was set. Our branded barn sat quietly on the vast dirt horizon, flanked only by the construction of our metal-clad stage and the lone silhouette of a man, standing in silence, taking it all in. As he turned to leave, Scott paused for a moment just to say, “It’s perfect.” before heading off into the night.  

It was a scene like something out of a film, one of those times when you can’t help but stop and take in the significance of what was to happen. As I packed up my computer and locked the door to our little Red House, I couldn’t help but do the same. A brief pause to appreciate the moment at hand and cement the image into my memory as the final light of day faded and the stars illuminated in the clear evening sky. We stood on the site where the following morning a new beginning was about to be forged for our company, South Carolina, our Scout Community and America.  

After a few hours of receptions with the media who had arrived into Columbia that evening and some Scout community members who came into town to support the event, the team reconvened at our hotel war room to continue working through the night. There, we ironed out final details, fine-tuned the run of show and revisited every detail, working into the early hours of the morning before taking a break to get a few hours of rest before the big day. 

What was to occur later that morning was the culmination of months of planning, preparation, design, and endless hours of work from a small, talented and passionate team. We wanted everything to go off without a hitch. We knew the event had to be more than shiny shovels, speeches, handshakes and formalities. We hoped the care and effort that went into planning and executing the groundbreaking celebration would show that it was much more than that because, to us, it was.  

The gates opened and guests streamed in, admiring the collection of original Scouts wrangled by Beverly and Dustin at The Scoutman. The stories of the Scout community members were as impressive as the heritage vehicles on display to honor our past. Guests then flowed into the barn to explore the 3D model of the plant and took selfies by the stage that would soon host the ceremony.  

Camera crews buzzed around the site capturing conversations as guests continued to and construction machinery was hard at work nearby reminding us of the herculean effort underway.    

The ceremony started with an emotional video that set the stage for the transition from past to future, and the rest was history. The presentation that followed the video captivated the audience with a series of powerful, heartfelt speeches, the revelation of a new name for the road leading to the Production Center, Scout Motors Drive, and the presentation of a very special piece of history, a brick from the original Scout Plant. Gifted by Harvester Homecoming and the Tippmann family and handed off in Fort Wayne by Jim Poiry, an original Scout Plant foreman, the brick was carried by a convoy of classic Scouts to Blythewood. The brick, now encased, was delivered to the stage by our own Community guide, Jamie, where it was placed into the podium and will become an important part of our foundation.   

After a brief intermission and a few cycles of media roundtables, the space was cleared, prepped and turned over for part two of the day. That same evening, the site reopened to 250 Blythewood community members. It was an opportunity to celebrate with our new neighbors, inviting them into our home to connect, ask questions and share their own stories. The festivities closed with the sun beaming behind our metal-clad blue stage. The American, South Carolina and Scout flags waved together in unison, and attendees departed with handshakes, hugs and laughter. 

Peeling back the layers of what happened that day, one would quickly understand the significance of what occurred. This event was far more profound than the start of the construction on a new production center. It was a moment about genuine connection. A connection from our past to our present and future. A connection between Scout Motors, our Scout community, and the communities of Blythewood, Richland County and South Carolina.  

After a day full of presentations, scrums, media interviews and community meetings, the event wrapped with a perfect sunset and air of optimism, without a single snag. Everyone knew the mission, supported each other, and, in the true spirit of a Scout, went above and beyond their call to lead the way forward.  

Occasionally, life offers you a chance to make history. This was certainly one of them.   

“There are moments in life when you need to pause and take it all in. The memory sharing and memory making. The joy, conversation, and laughter. Yesterday was about dreaming big and doing big things. It was also about community.  

South Carolina – our partners and our neighbors – we are so proud to be a part of your community and build our production center and legacy with you.  

A heartfelt thank you to our Scout community, who have kept the spirit of Scout alive for decades. It never gets old seeing an original and spending time with you.   

And to our Scout team of innovators, caretakers, and connection makers, thank you for believing in our audacious goals and embracing our entrepreneurial spirit. We will go fast, and we will always go together.”  

– Scott Keogh