June 2024 Scout Motors Production Center Update

June 2024 Scout Motors Production Center Update

JUNE 2024 - Blythewood, South Carolina

Welcome to our monthly progress updates on the construction of our new Scout Motors Production Center. In March 2023, we unveiled our plan for Scout Motors to build our new Scout® vehicles at a state-of-the-art factory to be built in Blythewood, South Carolina. The site which spans a vast 1,100 acres is strategically located about 20 minutes north and east of Columbia, South Carolina. This substantial $2billion investment is set to revolutionize the region, creating over 4,000 permanent jobs. At peak capacity, we plan to produce 200,000 vehicles a year at the Production Centerthat’s 40 per hour. We are thrilled to share our progress with you as construction continues. 

The new Scout vehicles will be built on a newly designed body-on-frame electric vehicle platform. As you can see in the photo above, our Production Center’s main structures include a body shop, a paint shop, and final assembly buildings. The site also features a state-of-the-art training center for our employees and a technology center to support our future vehicles. 

June 2024 Update

scout-motors-factory-06-2024-B scout-motors-factory-06-2024-A

What a difference a month makes…


After our first steel beams went “vertical” in May, quite a bit of progress has been made across the entire site. Crews have moved more than 7 million cubic yards of dirt and continue grading and infrastructure additions and improvements.

This close up of the main assembly building (above) shows the progress made erecting steel since the first beams went up last month. Approximately 10% of the steel is installed so far. When completed the assembly building will span nearly 1.3 million square feet. 

Looking south in the images above and below, we can see that the first steel has gone up in our paint facility. In addition, the body shop building is preparing for the first vertical steel pieces as well. The body shop will have more than 600 total foundations that will support 1.3 million square feet of space.